BASF Better Living Kitchen

The Challenge High performance plastics for kitchen applications

BASF offers high-performance plastics with a wide range of properties. These materials can be used in completely different industries.

For the K trade fair, BASF commissioned us to develop an app that presents applications in the kitchen and household interactively on an LED wall in a realistic and exciting way. In addition, information about the products should be accessible.

In the Beginning Concept

For space reasons, the LED wall was specified as a portrait format. The basis for the application was a kitchen unit drawn from one of our animations. We took advantage of this fact and developed the idea of using a touch monitor to move the image content along the wall. In this way we were able to realize real proportions.

We built a initial preview for the customer to illustrate our concept.


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Ease of Use UX/UI

The touch monitor showed the complete kitchen and hotspots were designed to be clearly visible on the wall. Areas not visible on the wall were darkened.

A combined capturing with the LED wall display and the touch monitor let the client experience the ease of use.

The Implementation Interactive trade fair application

At the fair, the large wall acted like a window into a virtual world. The presentation of the products was inspiring and clearly underlined BASF’s competence in high-performance plastics.