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Interactive Media

Changes in the B2C sector

Progressive digitization is putting classical or linear media under strong pressure, losing more and more ground to the most current internet media. Video streaming services may make linear television obsolete in the near future, online communities such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Xing will become information platforms with a high degree of loyalty and lead to losses for daily newspapers. The constant availability of information and the possibility to compare prices is an increasingly difficult task for retailers. 

Digital Transformation in B2B 

In the B2B sector, however, this change is only just beginning. In our experience, neither marketing nor sales are completely digitalized for industrial customers. However, the current global situation caused by a continuing pandemic makes this problem particularly visible. Many companies need support to create the right processes for this change.  

We are here for you

To meet the needs of our customers, we have optimised our service portfolio and now offer you a holistic service in the field of interactive media. This ranges from the analysis of requirements and conception to the implementation and commissioning of a software solution tailored to your needs.

Needs assessment

In a joint discussion we will clarify your motivation and objectives for your project. This can take place either online or in person.


Based on this assesment we will create an initial concept. Having your internal and extenal customers in mind, we will then jointly enhance it, until we have found the most attractive and efficient concept for you.


Once all requirements have been defined, we immediately start production. Thanks to our agile development process we will let you participate in the creation of your solution. This way we can instantly react to changed requirements without exceeding your timelines.


Even after the programming has been completed, we are there for you and support you with internal distribution, integration in app stores publishing, online customer presentation, installation and execution at trade fairs and training of your employees.

State-of-the-art technology in action for you

We offer you innovative solutions with state-of-the-art technologies. No matter if you need immersive VR applications for training, excitingly presenting your products to your customers through AR or enabling your sales force to advice their prospects in a more comprehensible, faster and efficient way independent of their location!

Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Digital Worlds on Demand

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